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DOMNA'S BAKERY Handmade Fillo Spinach Pies 1lb 10.45oz

At Domna’s Bakery we create a blend of delicious pastries from traditional Greek old recipes. We supply the US market with those baked goods and pastries, which are made with premium ingredients that meet the needs of both the retail and the wholesale market.

DOMNA'S BAKERY Handmade Fillo Spinach Pies 1lb 10.45oz

  • Logistics

    Case Pack 10 / 1lb 10.45oz
    UPC 821522001333
    GTIN -
    Gross Case Weight 18lb
    Case Dimensions 15.67" x 10.16" x 10.31" (LxWxH)
    Ti / Hi 8 / 10
    Storage Freezer
    Shelf Life 18 months
    Origin Greece


  • Ingredients

    Dough: Wheat flour unenriched [wheat flour, wheat gluten, dough improver (L-Cysteine, Enzyme : a-amylase), vegetable fats and oils (palm oil, cotton seed oil and sunflower oil in varying proportions), corn starch, cooking salt, sugar. Filling: Spinach, whey cheese Mizithra (sheep's goat's and cow's whey, salt), endive, leek, fresh spring onion, Feta cheese (sheep's and goat's milk, salt, lactic acid culture, calcium chloride, rennet), pasteurized whole egg, wheat semolina, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, dill, cooking salt, black pepper.

  • Nutrition Facts