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Fine Greek Food

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Greek Olives

Staying Healthy

Greece is known for cultivating olives for centuries, while some of the best olive types worldwide are originated there. We bring you a wide assortment of traditional Greek-style olives grown by local producers in Greece and prepared with minimal processing. Large or small, black or green, stuffed, pitted or plain, olives are versatile and a delicious addition to meals, salads, pizza, or served as a snack with drinks and cocktails.

Frozen Veggies

Whatever You Need

Our vegetable selection includes a variety of chicory, okra, artichokes, spinach, diced onions and more, which are picked from Greek farms, prepared and packaged at the source with an emphasis on food safety and quality. Ideal options for salads, side dishes or cooking as a main course, rich in nutrients and dietary fiber.


Greek Cheeses

Unique Taste

The award-winning Greek cheeses with unique taste and texture are known worldwide for their premium quality. We are proud to export an array of cheeses produced exclusively in Greece, from family owned farms located in the mainland and in the islands. Indulge in a wide selection of delicious cheeses such as Feta, Kefalotyri, Cretan Graviera, Kasseri, Manouri, Dry Mizithra, Kalathaki Limnou and many more, that will delight any plate.

About Atlantik Foods

It’s Great to Meet You!

Since 1987, we have been leaders in exporting authentic Greek food and other specialty products to wholesalers and retailers throughout the world. Our focus is on bringing to our customers high quality and innovative products at the best possible price. We currently supply a growing network of customers, that extends over six continents, with the finest Greek feta cheese, olives, olive oils and many more. In total, we offer over 5000 SKUs, including items from small suppliers and large national brands, to meet all of your "Greek specialty needs". We add value to our customers in the following ways:


  • Our experience enables us to create product lines, of private labels and well-known brands, of numerous products which can be found in many markets around the world.

  • Our yearly purchasing volumes allows us to negotiate substantial discounts with our suppliers, which save you money.

  • We have the ability to accept orders that involve numerous suppliers in all product categories (dry, refrigerated and frozen) and we provide logistics support to ensure delivery of those orders to one central location (Consolidation).

  • Our extensive market knowledge allows us to provide our customers with price and supply forecasts in many food product categories.

Chef Garnishing a Meal
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